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How you became a dj and who taught you or you did it yourself?

I started djing in 1999 at the age of fourteen when the drum´n´bass scene in the northern german town Bremen seemed to go through the ceiling. I learned it all by trial and error (mostly error) because I had no alternative. At that time everybody my age I knew didn´t understand my obsession with vinyl and why I invested all my money in expensive equipment (that was in fact really cheap crap, from todays point of view).

I am fascinated with the craft in itself. I think you always have to hear that someone is really working with the tunes and is risking something, even though sometimes the mix is not perfect in a conservative way. Experimenting with different enrgy-levels and styles is what makes a mix interesting for me. That´s why I really am fan of Ellen Allien´s dj-sets because that’s exactly what she does. Her mixes are far from perfect but you can hear her risking things and trying to test the borders of her mixing skills. I am really bored with the typical Berlin techhouse sets of which djs think they have to play this style because that´s what the party-tourist-crowd expect.

Tell, please,if it is not a secret what programs and the additional equipment are u using?

It is not a secret. My host software is Cubase with loads of additional plugins. I am really into Waves, Sonnox, Korg and Native Instruments products.

I don´t own a lot of outboard equipment…I recently sold some, but what I got left is of great use to me:


FATAR Studio 1100

Aphex 204 Aural Exciter

SPL Channel One

Novation Drumstation

Roland D-110

Yamaha Su 200


Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro (one of the old American built units)

And some compressors, Exciters and other FX stuff for guitar etc.
Tell about some ridiculous situation during your performance or tours?

Playing durm´n´bass in front of about twenty skinheads in eastern germany. I had no idea… and they didn´t seem to have either. Very strange situation.

Do you prefer vinyl or CD?

Vinyl… absolutely vinyl! There are so many reasons, that I could write a book…

Sometimes I have to use timecode-vinyl because there are too many digital-only releases these days. It´s a pitty, but I understand the labels (I am working at one) not wanting to risk the high costs for vinyl that doesn´t sell properly in the end.

What is you top5 (chart) for today?

Roman Lindau – Borné

Antigone – The Mechanics

Blawan – Peaches (Melting Flesh RMX)

Portable – Island Of Thoughts

Bleak – Ekko
What kind of music do u prefer to listen except EDM?

My music taste is very variable. I like classical Indian music for example. But if you try to find something everything I listen to has in common, it would be weirdness and it always has to have one factor that I understand. Music where I can imagine every instrument or plugin-automation bores me.

What plans for nearest future? Tell about your contact with CYH, nearest GIGS\Releases

I am working at Dapayk´s label Mo´s ferry. This is where I met Marcel Knopf, the owner of Clap Your hands. He seemed pretty thrilled about my tracks and wanted to make release which then came out in November 2011. New demos are already made… so we´ll see what will be coming up. Some of the tracks in the mix are unreleased stuff.

I´m trying to dj a bit more, because last year was a little quiet for me. Now that I started releasing there´s a lot to come I think. There will be a lot of Gigs in Berlin  in 2012. I´d really like to play in foreign country aswell.

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